Crowd pleasing  live entertainment


Experience the thrill of Live Entertainment 

with a service custom made for your event  

  • Our material is an upbeat blend of rock, pop, soul and blues
  • We can perform as a duo or as a four-piece band
  • We can perform popular covers, original material or a combination
  • We are experts at selecting the songs that are best suited to your occasion and audience
  • We can change the mood spontaneously as appropriate
  • We play songs from every generation and can please a mixed age audience
  • We can play music to encourage people to dance, to sing along or to relax
  • We have vast experience of live music events, band nights, festivals, outdoor events, dinner-dances, parties, weddings special occasions, concerts and regular live music
  • We can organise Open Mics or family music nights and support and accompany performers
  • If there is a particular song that you want to hear – we will learn it for you

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