Not being able to leave the house or go to our usual gigs, concerts and band rehearsals, we decided to start playing together as a family band. We realised that there might be friends and family who would want to see our attempts so we starting going live on facebook. It became obvious fairly quickly that our performances were cheering people up – especially those that were isolated at home so we decided to learn a new song every day and perform it live at 3pm no matter what. The girls’ friends were mostly on Instagram, so we started posting live there too and experimenting with YouTube.  It was never about perfect performance, just having fun and entertaining people. This week we will hit our 40th performance. We have performed songs by the Beatles, Queen, Coldplay, Echosmith, Paramore, the Black Veiled Brides and many more and we try to fulfill all requests, making our repertoire very varied and our musical skills constantly challenged! If you want to request a song, support us or join our audience, you can find us under Zoe Zalick on facebook or YouTube or zalick_music on Instagram. If you want to start a family band of your own, message us – we would love to help!


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